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At Wallace and Smith General Contractors, our mission is to be a leader in the construction industry, delivering exceptional projects while prioritizing the safety and well-being of all personnel on our projects.

Proactive Safety Measures

We believe that preventing accidents and creating a safe work environment starts with proactive measures. We implement robust safety protocols, conduct thorough risk assessments, and continuously identify and mitigate potential hazards. Our goal is to anticipate and address safety concerns before they become incidents.

Employee Training

We understand that well-trained employees are the foundation of a safe workplace. We invest in comprehensive safety training programs to equip our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a safe working environment. Regular training sessions, toolbox talks, and ongoing education ensure that our employees are up-to-date with the latest safety practices.

Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance with state and federal regulations. Our dedicated safety team stays informed about the latest safety requirements and ensures that our operations meet or exceed all applicable regulations. We work closely with regulatory agencies to maintain a safe and compliant work environment.

Real-Time Incident and Hazard Reporting

We believe in the power of real-time information to prevent incidents and address hazards promptly. Our employees and subcontractors are encouraged to report any incidents or hazards they encounter immediately. We have established a robust reporting system that allows us to track and investigate incidents, implement corrective actions, and share lessons learned across the organization.

Subcontractor Management

We recognize that subcontractor safety is integral to the overall success of our projects. We actively manage our subcontractors to ensure they adhere to our safety standards and align with our safety culture. We conduct thorough prequalification assessments, provide comprehensive safety training, and maintain open lines of communication to foster a collaborative approach to safety.

At Wallace and Smith General Contractors, safety is not just a priority; it is a core value that drives everything we do. We are dedicated to the well-being of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the communities we serve. By continuously improving our safety practices, we strive to create an industry-leading standard of safety excellence.