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Building Delivery Methods

Team Project Management is an approach to building delivery that Wallace and Smith Contractors prefers. Using this method, the Owner, Architect and General Contractor work together as a “Team” during all phases of the project. The “Team” generates and utilizes input on all project issues from its members during planning, design, bidding, and construction phases. This method centers on the philosophy that inter-disciplinary input has great value as a motivator and problem solver during all phases of a project.

Alternative Building Delivery Methods

Design / Build

The Design / Build delivery method assembles a Team to “value engineer” a building project for the Owner. This delivery system utilizes input from all disciplines that will benefit the Owner’s budget and building requirements. All team members work together with common goals to control cost, time, and quality.

Wallace & Smith is solely responsible to the Owner for the entire project including all planning, design, bidding, permitting, construction, and post construction. The project moves forward in a logical order of complete design, permitting and construction.

The Owner contracts solely with Wallace & Smith for all services. The single source aspect of this delivery method is becoming more and more popular with private sector Owners and Developers with some public sector use.

Benefits of Design / Build Construction:

Fast Track Design / Build

The Fast Track Design / Build delivery method is similar to all aspects of the Design / Build delivery model with the exception of the project moving forward as the design is being refined and the project is turned over in a final operational aspect or “Turnkey”. Not only is the building built, but all manufacturing and process equipment is installed. Wallace & Smith has completed several projects in this manner with great success. This delivery method has been used when client needs are driven by time constraints to bring a factory online, opening a new facility to capture an emerging market, or fill an immediate need.

Our management team continually assesses the risks and rewards of moving forward. This method of delivery can cut months from building delivery schedules without compromising quality. Wallace & Smith assumes a larger role in overall completion of the facilities to include the installation of clients manufacturing equipment, design and implementation of PLC automation, commissioning and final turnover of the new line or process to a defined performance specification. We become a true partner in the building delivery with the owner as all proprietary information, processes and equipment are shared between the Owner’s engineers and our team during the design process.

Wallace & Smith is solely responsible to the Owner for the entire project including all planning, design, bidding, permitting, construction, millwrights, instrumentation, automation, commissioning, and post construction.

Benefits of Fast Track Construction:


The General Contracting method is the oldest form of building delivery. Under this delivery method the owner retains an Architect to design and develop construction documents without the assistance and input from a contractor. The Architect acts as the Owner’s agent and places the project out for bid to a number of general contractors. After a “low bid” general contractor is selected, a contract will be established with the Owner.

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